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Saint Louis Art Fair

2016 Emerging Artists

Holly Essner

Saint Louis, MO

Emerging Artist Booth

Contemporary Pop Art creations, with subject matters influenced by my sense of humor and by the things in life that I like best. The “pop dots” (as I like to call them) were painted in various sizes to convey whimsy as well as disorder. I created these pieces by using a composite of acrylic paint, acrylic markers, glaze, and gel gloss on canvas.

Sheri Gonzalez

Glendale, MO

Emerging Artist Booth

Sheri’s striking, symbolic images in acrylic, oil, and collage, explore the depth and dichotomy of the human condition. Concentrating on anatomical, psychological, and emotional components, she depicts identity, perception, spirituality, and survival, and often references mythology, history, and social issues.

Sheridan Hentrich

Saint Louis, MO

Emerging Artist Booth

She enjoys creating art through oil painting, drawing, and both film and digital photography. In her photographs, she tries to capture both the beauty and design elements that exist through the architectural and natural structure.

Dee Levang

Saint Louis, MO

Emerging Artist Booth

I’m an abstract mixed media artist, working with encaustic. My pieces often come together spontaneously as I create. My current body of work uses cotton, linen, silk and wool, embedded into encaustic, exploring relationships as they pertain to society, family and individuals.

Lynn Lees

O' Fallon, MO

Emerging Artist Booth

My quest is for my art to appear like nothing else you've ever seen before now. It should grab your attention & draw you in while awakening your senses of mystery & intrigue. How? Abstract Art from Fireworks & Nature at macro level. Come experience!

Laura Lloyd

Saint Peters, MO

Emerging Artist Booth

I grew up in a small town. To amuse myself I made things out of playdoh while watching Bugs Bunny. Today I make whimsical clay sculptures depicting people and the crazy things we do. They are hand built from clay and glazed. I hope they make people smile.

Tim Longmore

Lake Saint Louis, MO

Emerging Artist Booth

I sculpt metals, woods, stone, and plastics together to explore how nature, the elements, and humans are effected by each other.

Morgan Elizabeth Whitson

Columbia, MO

Emerging Artist Booth

I paint in a fluid way contrasting my strict personality; every mark is intentional. I am meticulous in my ceramic work. Clay challenges my controlling nature. My work is ironic, a metaphor, the surface treatment, bright, but beneath, is a rigorous fight I put up to dominate the clay.

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