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Saint Louis Art Fair

2016 Fiber Artists

Kate Beck

New Orleans, LA

Booth #621

My work combines shibori with felting, hand painting, hand screen and block printing to create one of a kind wearables. I work on natural fibers with fiber reactive and natural dyes.

Janet Chico

Los Angeles, CA

Booth #317

I select a variety of eye-appealing fabrics and trims to create classic, yet contemporary handbags. The fabrics are linen, cotton, cotton-blends, wools and chenille. My quality and craftsmanship is the main focus, along with design and functionality, for the past 20 years.

Deborah Falls

Hartland, VT

Booth #639

I paint on raw silk with fiber reactive silk dyes using a combination of airbrush and traditional dry brush . Dyes are steamed ans set and I repeat this process until I have achieved the desired depth of color and detail.

Kristin Gereau

Waukesha, WI

Booth #515

Because I'm drawn to great color and texture, each wearable accessory is designed to have a three dimensional quality when worn. All my wearables are knit using hand manipulated techniques on a knitting loom.

Betsy Grob Giberson

Warner, NH

Booth #506

My focus is on the surface of the cloth. I build my pieces to be worn gently on the body. I mix my dyes & invent my colors. I over-dye the cloth using the shape-resist method of shibori to form my patterns. I employ metal to create an additional resist & color change. My work is collaged & pieced. I make use of heat & time. I take the silk to where I want it to go & it takes me.

Susan Hill

Kansas City, MO

Booth #502

I compose subtle abstract narratives based on landscape and garden imagery from my hand woven tapestry and layered pieced fabrics ( wool, cotton, linen. silk). Movement and gesture are created and details defined with a variety of stitching techniques.

Lynn Langhoff

Lafayette, LA

Booth #632

Handwoven scarves, shawls and purses in intricate patterns with fine natural yarns.  Silk and bamboo scarves and shawls are hand painted or hand dyed using custom blended dye colors.  Purses include the It’s Glitz Collection in gold, silver and black; and the colorful casual To Go Festival Bags.

Kelly Marshall

Minneapolis, MN

Booth #213

I have loved making textiles since childhood. I fell in love with weaving during my studies in Sweden.  I am still passionate about making textiles of all sorts for interior applications.  It is a pleasure to work with my clients and design custom pieces incorporating their design ideas and needs, with my creative expression.

Hetty & Norman Metzger

Cedar Park, TX

Booth #402

Hetty & Norman joined together to create art in 2004. Their abstract geometric create combines four primary techniques in the manipulation of paper; the construction of three-dimensional boxes, the weaving of hand-cut fringe, and the flat edge layering of paper pieces. Their use of repetition of elements provides a strong visual aesthetic.

Susan Otterson

Janesville, WI

Booth #121

Handcrafted clothing and knitwear using plaiting, piecing and stitching, with merino wool, linens and silk.

Dahlia Popovits

Boston, MA

Booth #205

I create ideas that formulate themselves into unique handwoven fabrics and wearable pieces of art.  I see my environment in fields of color and texture, which are translated into themes. My choices of yarns are specific to the garment's hand and extremely flattering to the wearer.  My 40+ years of experience as a textile designer has expanded my interpretation of color, texture and form.

C. Elizabeth Smathers

Tulsa, OK

Booth #117

The artist uses a coiled basketry technique, one row of pine needles sewn onto the previous; with stitches of raffia or waxed linen. Some patterns incorporate slices of nuts or other elements. She forms bases from shaped and fired raku clay; turned wooden vessels, or cut gourd shapes.

Cheryl & Steve Ward

Saint Augustine, FL

Booth #307

We developed Prairie Grass while looking for materials to create a 3-D mosaic of color and texture.  We paint each reed individually creating all of the color and texture that makes up the whole piece.  Using a grown object makes the pieces unique because each reed has a different thickness, bend or twist. 

Marzena Weber

Algonquin, IL

Booth #218

Marzena Weber is a graduate of The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. She has studied both fashion design and graphic design. Marzena creates abstracted and figurative felted art pieces with emphasis on color and texture.

Samuel Yao

Ann Arbor, MI

Booth #622

For over 30 years I have been creating hand-woven sculptural baskets from palm tree fibers and the inflorescences collected from fallen fronds in southern Florida. There are many different varieties of palms used in my baskets. Each has a different texture, shape, color, and size that provide a unique combination and design for each piece.

Flora Zarate

Naples, FL

Booth #126

The arpilleras (patchwork)are hand-sewn three-dimensional fabric collages.

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