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Saint Louis Art Fair

2016 Glass Artists

John & Erin Blackwell

Saint Louis, MO

Booth #412

We have mastered the established techniques of the learned glass world then taken them to the next level with our artistic interpretation; creating a new way to view blown glass never seen before.

Tony Cray

New Melle, MO

Booth #514

I’m a pyro’ with a passion for process. Surface designs are hand-cut and sand-carved. Techniques used include cane & murine mosaics, incalmo joints, and switched axis transfers. Using color, line, repetition, and texture; negatives and positives repeat, overlap, alternate...balance.

Jim & Renee Engebretson

Hudson, WI

Booth #510

Handblown clear vessel with a thin layer of colored glass on the inside.  Sandblasted to remove areas of colored glass and sometimes carve away the top edge. Our work is inspired by the wetlands surrounding our home and studio

Scott Gamble

Denver, CO

Booth #208

Hand blown and hot sculpted glass, with a sand etched and acid polished surface.

Robin Kittleson

Geneva, IL

Booth #623

Kiln formed glass using hand pulled murrini exploring the chemistry of minerals and silver inclusions.

Amber Marshall

Spruce Pine, NC

Booth #232

Focusing on color and form, I create sculptural objects that are rooted in traditional glassblowing techniques.

Toby McGee

Oklahoma City, OK

Booth #633

I paint landscapes.  My canvas is a bubble of hot glass on the end of a steel blowpipe and my brush is a 4 1/2 foot long metal rod with molten colored glass on the end of it.   With the "brush" I apply the color to the bubble.  Compositional decisions are made in the moment.  The layering of the colors gives me a physical depth that contributes to the illusion of distance in the landscape image.

Wesley Rasko

Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic

Booth #608

Swirling colors, emotions, nature and awe-inspiring fascination; this is what Wesley N. Rasko captures in his unique pieces of glasswork. Glass, a medium most cannot associate fluidity and flexibility with, is what he finds to be the most romantic. His glass sculptures are made of painted, laminated, and hand ground/polished float glass, cast glass, optical crystal and exotic stone. His inspiration comes firstly from emotions, inter-personal relations and the world we live in.

Thomas Spake

Chattanooga, TN

Booth #314

After 20 years of working with glass, I approach the material from the perspective of a painter and a sculptor. The fluid nature of glass lends itself to be drawn across the surface like a brush stroke. The ability to grind, engrave, and etch glass lends the material to be sculpted. I photograph my surroundings, searching for new textures, patterns and forms that exist in nature, in pursuit of transferring their essence and sensibilities to my glasswork.

Sam Stang

Augusta, MO

Booth #607

All of my pieces are made using traditional European glassblowing techniques. I have been inspired by mid-century Italian and Scandinavian design as well as by nature. Every piece I make is entirely produced at the furnace using only molten glass, without the use of molds, glue or paint.

Mark Sudduth

Cleveland Heights, OH

Booth #105

My work consists of hand blown and sculptural glass. Each piece is designed and executed by me with the help of one assistant. No molds or mechanical means of shaping are used. This form of hand blowing is a layering process. Color is the first layer, additional layers of clear glass or crystal are gathered and a brief time is spent cooling and shaping between layers.

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