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2016 Painting Artists

Su Abbott

East Point, GA

Booth #220

I am a self- taught abstract artist influenced by the human emotional connection to nature's beauty. Each piece is created by alternately applying and excavating heavy layers of acrylic paints and various acrylic mediums for a unique textured effect.

Rick Abrams

DeLand, FL

Booth #616

Most of my art is created with acrylic paint that I apply by hand, using rollers, air brush or sponge, on the reverse side of clear acrylic glass using a stencil technique. I then float the painted clear layer over a second painting or digital collage done on a panel of white styrene. This creates a multi-layer effect giving the finished piece a unique juxtaposition of shapes, shadows and colors.

Bert Beirne

Flowery Branch, GA

Booth #129

Oil on linen. I paint contrasts of color, value, texture and the movement of light across a painting surface. I prime the linen and apply multi layers of paint. No tricks, no gimmicks, just good solid painting technique.

Beth Bojarski

Milwaukee, WI

Booth #407

Beth works in oils. Her process is to move paint around on wood with nothing planned in advance. In the blotches of color, she may see an eye or mouth that she works to pull from the abstract and begin defining. “I want the painting to be spontaneous. I create characters and a story as I go along.”

Jerry Brem

Beaufort, SC

Booth #222

My paintings are constructed of the basic elements of art: line, color, texture, and movement. Smudges and drips remain to show the history and process. The subject matter, inspired by ordinary objects, is easy to accept and encourages a response based on individual experiences.

Lisa Burge

Taos, NM

Booth #619

My works are non-representational oil paintings on panel or paper, and mono-prints in oil. I am interested in mark making, composition, form, and color, and love to build up the pieces layer upon layer, adding and removing information to create a depth and "history".

Cindy Capehart

Gainesville, FL

Booth #224

I am drawn to the abstract qualities inherent in nature. My primary subject matter is water vegetation and the concurrent reflection. I paint still life's in oil, on gallery wrapped canvas. I use multiple layers of thin paint, letting each layer dry, to achieve a crisp contemporary realistic style.

Matthew Cornell

Orlando, FL

Booth #206

Recently, Cornell’s paintings have turned more complex, with dusk and night scenes, and streetlights on secluded homes. The visual backdrop has allowed a subtle narrative of mystery and intrigue. These narratives include neighborhoods that mirror the kind he grew up in and the longing he now has to find home.

Ummarid Eitharong

Orlando, FL

Booth #614

My work is acrylic painting on 140 lb watercoler paper with charcoal and oil stick. Sometimes I also use modeling paste. It is intuitive work that derives from color theory. I hope you enjoy it!

Leslie Emery

Sun Prairie, WI

Booth #319

Ancient reverse painting techniques using acrylics, collage, various drawing and printmaking techniques on sheets of rigid acrylic and mounted on various sculptural wall forms. My work manifests a personal vocabulary of marks, gestures that encourages freedom in creating and interpreting.

Robert Flowers

Summerfield, NC

Booth #624

A self taught artist, I keep a simple palette and utilize various water color techniques (washes, glazes, lifting and dry brush). I deliberately exaggerate the contrasts, textures and colors in an effort to create a realistic painting that is strong in design and contains volume, depth, atmosphere and light.

Charles Gatewood

Phenix City, AL

Booth #511

My paintings are original oils painted on oil-primed linen canvas. The images are imaginary with some indication of realism. Any feeling of isolation or loneliness is not my doing, but that of the paint.

Sarah Giannobile

Webster Groves, MO

Booth #241

I like to tell stories with my paintings with linear symbols using gauche, enamel and oil pigment. The web formations in several of my paintings deal with something that has been woven or created relating to my past, and other generations before my existence.

Bryan Griffith

Flagstaff, AZ

Booth #122

Bryan pursues simplicity through his artwork. Bryan’s latest experimental painting—including using fire itself as a medium—juxtaposes soft, organic edges with geometric forms that convey our desire to control capricious natural processes—often with unintended consequences.

Geoffrey Aaron Harris

Lexington, SC

Booth #602

Digital Paintings inspired by my antique toy collection. A graphics tablet with drawing and painting software are used to create the artwork which is then archivally printed in a limited edition.

Ginny Herzog

Minneapolis, MN

Booth #309

Ginny Herzog creates architecturally inspired mixed media paintings on panels. Utilizing her digitally manipulated photos, as collage, she pieces portions of different architectural elements that are unrelated to each other to construct new, intriguing forms. The compositions fuse multiple perspectives.

Michael Hoffman

Saint Louis, MO

Booth #519

I draw on my eclectic past and love of architecture for inspiration. A common theme is the relationship between rigid linear form and the organic flow of nature, order and disorder. I feel this is reflective of our society and our longing for something more than the sterility of technology in our lives. I use unconventional ways of applying paint - dripping and pouring paint and creating patterns using the natural arc of my arm.

Bruce Holwerda

Hoover, AL

Booth #640

As a visual artist, it is my goal to master the ability to translate the ideal image conceived in my mind’s eye into a tangible form. I use a direct painting technique with an abstract influence to build form and suggest motion and spontaneity. My painting process is different almost every time, but the end result is consistent.


Oklahoma City, OK

Booth #630

Watercolor paintings of the psychological landscape with a nod to popular cultural debris.

Sooro Kim

Longwood, FL

Booth #125

Born and raised around art, my style developed based on surrealism. My inspiration comes from the exploration of cities that incorporate Medieval and modern. My artistic process entails designing functional objects while expressing dominant and sub-dominant relationships in any perspective and capturing movement and depth in a still moment of clarity.

Joachim Knill

Hannibal, MO

Booth #411

Oil painting on panel. part of "national treasure". an installation of a shipping crate containing a portrait room, stolen, acquired, and traded from some place inhabited by stuffed toy animals.

William LaChance

Webster Groves, MO

Booth #240

Paintings comprised of various painted popular culture elements including sign lettering, pattern and stylized figures arranged in a quasi cubist manner with overlapping rudimentary contours. This "stacking" of forms, as well as color and scale relationships creates an artificial, theatrical space.

Alicia LaChance

Saint Louis, MO

Booth #401

Alicia LaChance a full time artist and a native of St. Louis takes pride in maintaining her practice and raising her family in her hometown. Co-director of Hoffman LaChance Contemporary, HLC has exhibited over 200 regional and international artists. LaChance’s paintings have been placed in collections across the United States and overseas.

Seung Lee

Cathedral City, CA

Booth #104

I start with acrylic and/or oil paint on wood panels or canvas for dividing basic color forms for imaging. I develop negative shapes with random brush strokes. Occasionally, I us a collage with preprinted paper and reductive method woodcut prints creating strong contrast and many layers with 3D texture and design.

Rick Loudermilk

Austin, TX

Booth #131

The challenging motif in this contemporary watercolor series is composing intricate images with basic geometric shapes. Rick designed and cut numerous large-scale templates. He uses these and free-form watercolor to create complex planes of color and shadow that move in and through each other. He also accents the compositions with watercolor pencils and pigment pens to give them unique structure.

Laura Nugent

Merriam, KS

Booth #318

Layers of acrylic paint on paper, plaster, wood and canvas. I seek to create fresh color relationships while exploring variations of pattern in my contemporary paintings.

Bruce Peeso

Monson, MA

Booth #230

Bruce Peeso has been a full time artist for over forty years. His paintings are done on either watercolor board or hardboard, using acrylic paint with only water as a medium. The strength and serenity of his work can be attributed to its simplicity. The expansiveness of space and interplay of light and shadow give his paintings feeling.

Loretta Petraitis

Saint Petersburg , FL

Booth #418

Loretta Petraitis was born in Lithuania and worked as a pattern printing designer at the textile factory. This work experience guided her attention towards painting as the most fluent path of expression. 1996, Loretta immigrated to the USA, where she experienced large influence from local art museums and international exhibitions.

Sharon Spillar

Saint Louis, MO

Booth #518

These works are spontaneous reactions to memories and feelings from my life. My images are built with marks, lines and color, both expressive and linear. Color and line are essential in the communication of my work. After the painting is completed, I add a 1/8" thick layer of UV infused Resin. This gives my work another dimension by adding reflections of the outside world to the work.

Marian Steen

Saint Louis, MO

Booth #100

I begin my abstract paintings with a brush loaded with watercolor & apply it onto wet paper. I then pour & drip & scrape & utilize all the capriciousness of that media. Then comes the cerebral part. For contrast I apply opaque acrylic paint & textures using crayons, pencils & collage pieces.

Chris Vance

Bondurant, IA

Booth #209

Works influenced by graffiti, children's art, and skateboard graphics. Maybe Budweiser on a few occasions.

Rob Williams

Windsor, CO

Booth #211

My paintings are felt landscapes, loosely based on nature, environment and my personal experience of life.

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