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Saint Louis Art Fair

2016 Sculpture Artists

Amy Arnold & Kelsey Sauber Olds

Viroqua, WI

Booth #604

Through our pieces of carved wood, one of a kind sculptures explore the balance between husband and wife, human and animal, wild and tame, crude and refined, movement and stability, humor and seriousness, adult and child, and toy and art object.

David Bryce

Great Barrington, MA

Booth #421

My pieces unite Baroque movement, abstract expressionist gesture, and Asian decorative spirit with a commitment to my own gentle whimsical voice. All sculptures are modeled in stoneware, fired to cone 4 and colored with iron oxides and applied pigments.

Kina Crow

Allison Park, PA

Booth #618

Kina Crow’s art career began in 1968, at the age of six when she drew all over the walls of her home. Sadly, her artistic voice would not be heard again until 2007 moved her from LA the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA where she now creates her artwork.

Amy Flynn

Raleigh, NC

Booth #111

Amy recycles authentic vintage materials, bolting and soldering the pieces together to make one-of-a-kind robots she calls Fobots, thus creating futuristic objects from antique parts.

Sally Linville & Susan Ebright

Kansas City, MO

Booth #101

We question how to make objects by hand with credibility validated by our process. From cast bronze to intricate fiber work, we strive for intelligent design, yet we all recognize these footstools in the form of an animal, a simple barn-yard chicken, destiny unknown.

Mark Orr

Pinckney, MI

Booth #635

Hand carved and painted wooden sculpture combined with found objects.

Kostas Ulevicius

Saint Petersburg, FL

Booth #207

I am fascinated by the face and love to simplify the human form, hoping to create contemplative pieces with spiritual connection. All my work is pinch built from stoneware and it takes upward of a few weeks to complete. At the very end they are slip-decorated, glazed and fired multiple times.

Thomas Wargin

Menomonee Falls, WI

Booth #119

My sculpture is an interpretation of who we are and how we cope with the realities of life. There is a commonality among the way we live and the voyage many times is not easy. Within my sculptures you will see the journey we take and some of the obstacles we endure.

Mark Winter

Milwaukee, WI

Booth #409

Mark Winter is a sculptor from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His process incorporates 100% recycled scrap metal and parts. Once collected and sorted, the metal is manipulated then welded into sculptural form. He leaves the existing paint on the steel and finishes it with a lacquer.

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